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How to Choose the Right Everyday Bag - TravelSupplies

How to Choose the Right Everyday Bag


Are you fighting the pain of backaches and a sore neck daily after sitting at your work desk for hours on end? You are definitely not alone. To make matters worse, you have to carry your laptop bag on your aching shoulders for the long commute home on the crowded peak hour train. No wonder your spinal health is suffering. 

If you are not aware, on top of having poor posture, using the wrong bag or carrying your bag wrongly can also impact your spinal health negatively. In fact, incorrect backpack use is closely associated with back pain, neck pain and bad posture as well. 

Buying the right bag for everyday use should depend on the items that you need to carry daily. If you are a student in Singapore who has to carry textbooks and a laptop to and from school every day, using a backpack as your schoolbag would be the best choice. Similarly, if you have a lighter daily load, you can opt for a smaller bag to prevent overpacking. Read on to find out some points to consider before purchasing a daily bag.


1. Comfort

Comfort should rank high on your list if you are carrying your bag every day. You wouldn’t want your bag, which is supposed to help you with your load, to cause your more back pain and aches. Be sure to check if the bag is already heavy even without anything in it. You should always try to avoid carrying unnecessary weight. Ergonomic bags are a good choice if you are used to carrying a backpack as they are usually lightweight and are designed with technology to help even out the weight and pressure on your spine and back. 


2. Durability

Is your current bag able to serve you for years to come? Before deciding on a bag, take into consideration the level of durability you require for your lifestyle in Singapore since you plan to use this bag very often. If you play sports regularly, you should opt for a water-resistant bag since you might be outdoors most of the time, and also a material that doesn’t get dirty easily. If you go to the gym often, you might need to choose a bag that comes with a water bottle compartment or a duffle bag with a shoe compartment for gym shoes. 


3. Size 

Many might not know this, but the size of our bags should be in proportion to our height. This is to prevent damage to our spine because it will ensure proper posture while carrying the bag. The size of the bag should also be determined by your daily load. How much do you carry around every day? If you carry your laptop daily, you might need a laptop slot in your bag to protect your laptop. Maybe you need extra space for an umbrella or other necessities? Take note of your daily essentials before deciding on the size of your everyday bag.


4.  Cost

Contrary to popular belief, high cost does not equate to high quality, the same as an affordable bag might not mean that it is of low quality. If a suitable bag costs a little more than you expected it to, simply take it as a long term investment as a good bag will give you the mileage that makes its cost worth it. Furthermore, a pain-free back and shoulders are priceless. 


5. Style

If this is going to be a bag you carry every day, you definitely want to look good carrying it. Pick versatile designs or colours so you will be able to match it with numerous outfits effortlessly. If possible, you can even carry it to different occasions. Strive to achieve the perfect balance between fashion and functionality. 


Get Your Functional Everyday Bag at Travel Supplies
Choosing the right everyday bag can make everyday life that much more convenient and fuss-free. Visit Travel Supplies today to browse through our online catalogue and find the best bag for yourself today.

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