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Guide to Cleaning Your Everyday Bag

We regularly sanitise our hands and wash our clothes, socks, and even shoes, but how often do you take the time to clean your everyday bag? Not only do bags come into contact with many surfaces, we also often touch it with our hands to retrieve items while we are out and about in Singapore. Did you know that bags can carry over 10,000 types of bacteria? The coronavirus bacteria can also live 72 hours on any type of surface, making it easily transmitted from others to our hands, and on to our bags as we rummage through them. It is more crucial than ever to keep your bag clean and free from unwanted germs. From canvas bags to leather...

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4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bag Organised

We’ve all been there before. You need to retrieve something but the small stuff like keys and pens seem to have disappeared into a bottomless pit that we call our bag. Or you need some tissue papers in a hurry but they seem to have vanished into a black hole. You waste the next few minutes rummaging through the mess and wish you had been a better bag organiser. It can be maddening to need something and not find it. We empathise, and want to help. So we’ve put together a few small tweaks that can help you save precious time and spare you some frustration. Read on to learn four quick ways you can keep your bag organised!   1....

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5 Signs It's Time to Invest in a New Bag

We’ve all been there before — those times when you end up using the same few bags over and over again, no matter the occasion, outfit, or purpose. It’s when your trusty tote bag is no longer just a casual everyday tote. It has become your work or school bag, laptop bag, and even your gym bag that follows you everywhere in Singapore. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with having a favourite backpack or two, but it might just be time for you to look out for something new and better to buy! Read on to learn the five telltale signs that you should take the leap and invest in a new bag for yourself. 1. It hurts your back The...

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Back-To-School Essentials for Your Children

Enjoyed some quality time with your kids over the June holidays? Hopefully your kids did too, as it is time to welcome the new school semester. While home-based learning may be on the table, it would still be wise to prepare your kids for their eventual return to school. If you have yet to stock up on all the necessary school supplies, don’t worry — it’s not too late. We have compiled a handy list of back-to-school essentials for both primary and secondary school students in Singapore. Read on to find out what to equip your children with so they can ace the rest of the school year! 1. Stationery No student can do without proper writing materials — pens,...

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5 Things to Consider When Giving a Corporate Gift

Corporate gifts are an integral tool to help promote your business and maintain good business relations. An apt and functional corporate gift can successfully help to promote your brand and improve its reputation in the long run. They are seen as valuable because of their authenticity. Clients receiving corporate gifts receive them as a token of goodwill or appreciation. These gifts serve their purpose to create a sense of connection between companies and the receiver. Some companies have even established corporate gift-giving as one of their standard policies.  Read on to find out how you can pick out the most appropriate corporate gifts for your business partners and longtime clients.  1. How will this gift reflect on your company?  Corporate...

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