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How to Choose the Right Everyday Bag

Are you fighting the pain of backaches and a sore neck daily after sitting at your work desk for hours on end? You are definitely not alone. To make matters worse, you have to carry your laptop bag on your aching shoulders for the long commute home on the crowded peak hour train. No wonder your spinal health is suffering.  If you are not aware, on top of having poor posture, using the wrong bag or carrying your bag wrongly can also impact your spinal health negatively. In fact, incorrect backpack use is closely associated with back pain, neck pain and bad posture as well.  Buying the right bag for everyday use should depend on the items that you need...

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The Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

Celebrated by couples in love around the world every 14th February, Valentine’s Day dates back to as early as the time of the Roman Empire. While the origin and the true story behind Saint Valentine’s are heavily debated till today, what we can all agree on is that Valentine’s Day is a day of love, romance and passion for many around the world. Regardless of your culture, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to shower your loved ones with gifts, chocolates and other proclamations of love. Now that we are days away from the day of love, have you thought of what to do for your gesture of romance or gotten your gifts sorted? If you haven’t, fret not as...

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4 Essential Bags You Should Already Own

It is needless to say that other than functionality, bags are also a form of a fashion statement. If chosen correctly, bags can complement, complete or become a statement piece for an outfit. In some ways, it might help you look more put together and professional for an interview. However, if you are a utilitarian and the functionality of a bag is your priority, be sure to have these few bags on rotation for different events or settings. 

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5 Items You Should Carry in Your Bag at All Times

You probably carry a bag everywhere you go, but what do you have in your bag exactly? If your bag is constantly filled to the brim but you can’t seem to find anything you need in there, your bag is probably in need of a good spring cleaning. Are there any essentials that you should carry but don’t, or any items you don’t have to carry but do? Read on to find out what are some essentials that you should have in your bag at all times and if you have been packing your bag wrong this whole time. 

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3 Essentials You Absolutely Need in 2021

With 2021 approaching, take some time to set the direction for the new year. It is important to get your daily essentials handy so that you will not be held back powering ahead in the new year. We recommend investing in more high quality and durable daily essentials. This simple action can actually cost you less in the long run as you will not have to make multiple re-purchases and end up spending more money.

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