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Golf Bags

Shop For A Golf Bag in Singapore

Are you an avid golfer? Beginner or not, golf bags serve an important purpose on your round. While out on the course, your golf bag keeps your possessions organised and safe. Whether you’re walking the rounds or used to cruising in the comforts of a golf cart, a sturdy golf bag will make the journey a tad bit easier.

Picking A Golf Bag That’s Right For You

If you haven’t shopped around for a new golf bag in awhile, fret not. We’ve nailed down the ins and outs to finding a bag that is right for you. Before buying a golf bag, it is crucial to consider when, where and how often you really play. What are the different types of golf bags?

1. Staff Bags

Stylish and roomy, staff bags are often the go-to choice for pro-golfers. Ideal for professionals, staff bags are designed to feature greater storage and are often a confidence boost for players on course.

2. Cart Bags

If you’re used to travelling around the course on a cart, these golf bags are ideal for you. Cart bags are also highly utilitarian and offer vast storage options for your clubs.

3. Stand Bags

Stand bags are the most appropriate option for beginners on the golf course. With a retractable leg system, these - in comparison to cart bags - are much easier to walk around the course with. They are also engineered to be lightweight.

Go For Functionality

Like other different types of bags, your golf bag must meet the functional requirements you have. Golf equipment, in general, tends to be bulky and on the heavier side. Besides functionality, it makes sense that durability, versatility and weight of these bags matter in purchasing decisions as well. From everyday bags to accessories, TravelSupplies offers a wide collection to suit your needs. Shop golf bags online and enjoy free delivery in Singapore.

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