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What are Carry On Requirements and Restrictions you need to know?

You’ve already checked in your larger suitcases, and they’re thankfully below the weight limit. The check in process has gone smoothly, you’ve got your flight tickets ready in hand – wait, the weight limit for carry-on baggage isn’t 15kg? A backpack counts as another a carry-on?? Portable chargers are prohibited??? Part of a smooth travelling journey includes knowing the rules of carry-on baggage. Although there are slight variations with every airline, there are still a few basic rules all airlines share. With this short guide, you’ll never have to worry about paying extra fees or having items confiscated. Here are the hard rules, the soft, and everything in between. Size Restrictions  Carry-on baggage is usually stored in the overhead lockers...

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Is TSA Lock mandatory for travel?

A suitcase can be a gateway into your identity – if you lose it, you’ll lose a little bit of yourself too. But what can you do? When your luggage gets checked in, it’s out of sight for a few hours, in the mercy of the airline and its luggage handlers. When it rolls out on the luggage carousel, you never know who could take your luggage, whether intentionally or by accident. Hence, it’s important to talk about luggage security – locking your suitcase! Countries with TSA Lock Requirements Most luggage and carry-on baggage are screened before they are brought on board the plane. However, certain countries have stricter security measures when it comes to the flow of suitcases in...

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How To Choose A Luggage

Tantalised by pristine white sand and azure seas? Thrilled by the thought of skiing down alpine slopes, the crisp winter air fresh against your skin? Nowadays, just with the click of a button, travelling anywhere and anytime is an exciting possibility. However, before you board that plane, planning beforehand has to be the inevitable part of travelling that leaves everyone just a little frazzled. Having the right luggage has to be one of the most crucial elements for fantastic getaway. You want one that fits all your belongings, ensures that they do not break when handled by airport staff, and will not burst open just as you’re about to check it in. The right luggage relieves you of some travelling...

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