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Duffle Bags

Find Travel Duffle Bags in Singapore

The humble duffle bag has been serving both men and women since the 17th century. From business travel, family trips and even quick weekend getaways, duffle bags have become an essential item for all types of travellers.

Not only can you check-in and use them to store additional luggage, but they also double up as carry-on luggage for airport shopping.

If you are based in Singapore and looking for a duffle bag, look no further than Travel Supplies to find one. We boast a huge variety of travel essentials from bags to suitcases and more. Browse our website now!

3 Excellent Benefits of Duffle Bag

Whether you are going for a trip to somewhere far away from Singapore or just a short weekend trip, a duffle bag could go a long way. Here are three advantages of using a duffle bag on your trip:

1) Tons of room: one of the biggest benefits of using a duffle bag is superior spaciousness. You can store anything from bulky winter jackets to snow boots. In fact, a duffle bag is probably sufficient for a two-day trip to a sunny destination!

2) Flexibility: unlike suitcases that are rigid, you can easily fold your duffle bag into small spaces for easy carrying. They are lighter and easier to move than a suitcase.

3) Versatility: duffle bags were made to withstand harsh weather conditions. You can use them during winter or extremely hot summers.

Duffle Bags for Every Trip

Whether you are travelling solo for a quiet retreat in Okinawa, a company trip to Bali, a honeymoon to Canada or even a staycation at a hotel in Singapore, trust us when we say that a duffle bag would definitely be useful. Browse our collection of duffle bags today to find the perfect one for your trip.


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