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School Bags

Top-Quality School Bags Online in Singapore

Whether you are looking for a convenient all-purpose bag or a gift for a student, school bags are the top backpack option to consider. With the rise of e-commerce platforms, beyond brick-and-mortar stores, there is no shortage of school bags online in Singapore. Suitable for anyone from undergrads to working adults trying to look the part, a school bag exudes a sophisticated old-school vibe. Tapping on the demands for long-lasting and stylish school bags, TravelSupplies has curated a list of high-quality options that are affordable, practical, and stylish.

Choosing the Right School Bag

Just like backpacks, school bags are an accessory that you can carry daily to house all your necessities. A to-go item, school bags made available online by TravelSupplies, are designed to carry a heavy load while promoting good posture to prevent back strains. Available in a range of styles, internal compartments, and materials, finding the best-fit school bag on our online platform is made easy. So, what do you have to consider?

  • Weight: It is stated that carrying backpacks that weigh more than 30% of your body weight increases the risk of posture modification and gait. To maintain good posture, opting for feather-light bags is thus the best option.
  • Design: As a daily essential, you do not want to carry a school bag with a design you don’t like. At Travelsupplies, we have school bags that cater to a masculine, feminine or even neutral look. You can also pick from various choices offering different materials and number of compartments.

Should you not be satisfied with the school bag you have purchased from our online store, our warranty and returns policy ensures that the interest of our customers in Singapore are at the forefront of our service philosophy.

Where Function Meets Style

From classic dual compartment daypacks to cabin backpacks designed with tough fabric to withstand wear and tear, our collection of school bags and accessories are sure to meet your carry-on and travel needs. Add your favourite school bags to our online cart and enjoy free shipping within Singapore! Simply create an account with us, subscribe to our newsletter for the latest promotions, and grow your travel collection.


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