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Buy Your Ideal Backpack at TravelSupplies Singapore

Looking for a bag? You name it, TravelSupplies has it! Whether it is a duffle bag, travel bag, laptop bag or backpack that you are looking to purchase, we have it all available on our website. Browse through our expansive catalogue and you will see plenty of choices to suit your needs. You can even enjoy free delivery within Singapore for your purchase!

What is a Good Backpack?

A quality backpack is of the utmost importance if you are one who regularly needs to carry a substantial amount of items when you head out. Using a good backpack can help to spread the weight evenly across your back and help to take some pressure off your back by encouraging proper posture. Conversely, carrying the ‘wrong’ bag for an extended period of time can cause back pains and backaches. 

Before you decide to buy a new backpack, understand your needs and the functionality you require from the bag. Ask yourself questions such as “Will I be using this bag to travel out of Singapore?” or “Will I be using this bag for outdoor activities?”, to gain a better perspective of your own preferences.

It provides lumbar support

Buy a backpack with adequate support for the lumbar and a padded back panel. This will increase airflow and prevent you from getting a sweaty back from Singapore’s humidity.

It comes with comfortable shoulder straps

Comfortable shoulder straps are absolutely essential as it prevents sore shoulders and also neck aches from carrying a heavy backpack.

It has multiple pockets

What good is a bag if it does not allow you to compartmentalise your knicks and knacks? Having multiple pockets can be a life-saver, especially if you have the habit of carrying several small items such as mints, car keys or pens around.

Find Quality Backpacks at TravelSupplies

TravelSupplies is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality and functional travel companions, which includes your everyday backpack. Find your ideal backpack here at TravelSupplies today.


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